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www.Hadjin.com A Town No More

Harold Mark Keshishian 1929-2010

This web site has been established to keep the many Hadjintsi descendents especially in the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and even now to the seventh generations informed of the history and heritage of Hadjin, a town that exists no more. It existed on the same site that the town of Siambeyli exists today albeit in a very different context. I am sure that to many if not all the the readers of the www.Hadjin.com story will be perceived in a political context. However it is not a political statement but rather a representation of all the information and photographs that I and my late brother James have been able to accumulate.

My father Mark "Margos" Keshishian was born in Hadjin in 1894. He received his early education in Hadjin, Tarsus, Gaziantep. In Taurus College (high school ) in 1909 he received the medal for best Turkish language student and a gold pound as a prize. There after he attended Bardizag School and then entered the Syrian Protestant College /American University of Beirut. In 1915b he along with all other Empire male citizens was conscripted off the campus of AUB going on to serve in the 4th Ottoman Army/Southern Front Syria Palestine. His brother Garabed was already serving in the 4th army as well serving as a chavush (sargent) for a colonel in charge of all supplies going by rail to the southern front. Regrettably at the same time that they were serving, their father, brothers, sisters and extended family were marched into the desert in the forced deportations where they perished. The families of Hadjin were deported to Der Zor (also spelled Dayr az-Zawr, Deir ez Zor, and Deir al-Zur) in the desert that is now part of Syria.



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