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Section dealing with Rose Lambert and the Mission at Hadjin excerpted from:



Willard E. Cassel

November, 1988

Presented at the Sixth Annual Meeting of the Historical Society of the Bible Fellowship Church, November 12, 1988, meeting at the Cedar Crest Bible Fellowship Church, Allentown, Pennsylvania.


Sister Marianne Gerber and Rose Lambert from the Missionary Society "Light and Hope" from Berne, India (sic), under appointment for Armenia, accompanied by Garabed den Hagobian, a native Armenian, spent several days with us at this camp meeting. One whole evening was given to them. Their messages in song and their addresses were highly appreciated. At the close of the meeting an offering of $70.00 was handed over to them by the congregation. The following day the Missionary Board passed the following resolutions: RESOLVED: that we accept Sister Rose Lambert as our representative in Armenia, and appropriate $200 for her first year's support on the field to be paid quarterly in advances. (9)

Rose Lambert, Hadjin, Turkey took a trip to Europe in the interest of the Orphanage. God wonderfully interests European children in this sphere. The work is moving forward. Young Armenian men and women filled with the Spirit lead others to the life. Such doctrine was much opposed five years ago. A Bible woman teaching the fourfold gospel is supported by a family in America. A long felt need supplied. The heaviest burden is not the work we do, but the work we constantly see remain undone. (10)

Turkey - Our only missionary in this dark country is Sister Rose Lambert, Matron of the Orphanage at Hadjin. They care for between three and four hundred orphans at this place. During the terrible massacres of last spring, the acting Superintendent and two of their most useful and trustworthy natives were brutally murdered, throwing the greater part of the responsibility upon Sister Lambert. The latest reports state that she was recovering from an attack of typhoid fever. (11)

Miss Rose Lambert left her field in May and came to New York in June on furlough. She visited our Camp Meeting presenting the needs of Hadjin Orphanage and Armenian work impressively. She travels through the West at present. They have over 300 orphans in their home. Their health is well preserved. She does some nursing beside the work in the Orphanage. Much work left undone for lack of workers. (12)

Sister Rose Lambert, who had returned from Hadjin, Turkey, almost two years ago with a broken down physical condition has resigned from the Board as a Missionary, as she feels physically incapable of further assuming the heavy burden of Missionary work. Since her return she has been engaged, as much as her physical condition permitted, in writing and lecturing throughout the United States and Canada on the conditions of Missionary work in Turkey. Upon her request, her support was discontinued on October 1st of this year. (13)

At this point one observation needs to be made. The Bible Fellowship Church and the Christian & Missionary Alliance are approximately the same age. The C. & M. A. was organized to spread the Gospel world wide.

There were many of the C. & M. A. leaders who were speakers at the Campmeetings, such as Dr. A. B. Simpson, A. E. Funk, Paul Rader, William T. Christie, etc.

When the Annual Conference organized the Board of Foreign Missions, there were no candidates since Hershey and Weiss that arose from within the denomination. Thus the Board turned to the C. & M. A. and assumed the support of some of their missionaries - some already on the field and others as candidates.



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