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Bob and Dolores Haig

"Uncle Bob" on his 95th Birthday

And a painting done by one of his friends and former partner and apprentice

Bob Haig at 92 is still one of America's great portrait photographers and is the owner of the acclaimed B. Artin Haig Photography of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bob Haig was recently featured in the PBS Special Almost home dealing with his on-going love affair with his wife Delores and the complications from her Alzheimer's syndrome.

Haig is also a Hadjinsee born Artin Hodja Babyan (Kojababian). Son of Rachel Keshishian Kojababian.

Bob Haig was recently featured in the PBS Special "Almost home"

Press Release: TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2006

"Almost Home, a cinema verité documentary about a year in the life of people who live and work in an “old age home,” rescues the true stories of older adults and those who care for them from an exile of denial. It’s a story of one community trying to make a difference, shucking the institutional trappings of traditional nursing homes in favor of a place where we could all imagine ourselves feeling truly “at home.”

Bob Haig is a healthy 90-year-old who still works in the photography studio where he made portraits of nearly every famous Milwaukeean. He is struggling to adjust to the disappearance of Dolores, his wife who is succumbing to Alzheimer's. Angry at losing her and the globetrotting life they once shared, he sometimes lashes out at the nursing home staff. Other times he pretends that the disease doesn't exist, dressing her each morning complete with full makeup, and taking her to parties. He eventually comes to terms with Dolores' fate, and is left to wrestle with his own loneliness.

Update: Bob and Dolores continue to spend lots of time together, and Bob's relationship with the staff is mostly harmonious these days. Though he was briefly hospitalized for a bout of dizziness, Bob is still devoted to his routine of work, civic engagement and church. He hosted the filmmakers for a presentation of ALMOST HOME to his Rotary Club chapter last February. http://www.almosthomedoc.org/

Fidieh Hadjincies in Adana

Bob Haig is the little boy with the drum (Artin Hodja Babyan).

Uncle Bob was here for Uncle Harold's Funeral in July, 2010. On that August 1st, 2010, He turned 96 years old.

Cousin (Uncle) Bob identified two of the riders in the photo: Ara is on the left, Levon on right…

they were known as DeKozian in the States, but they were Kirkasharian’s, Sons of Suzie Keshishian Kirkasharian

They were the family who took him in after the Turks killed his mother (and Father)


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