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Mark Keshishian

Margos "Mark" Keshishian

Born: Hadjin Turkey date on birth certificate April 21, 1894 which noted may be up to two years late.

Died: 1986 Washington DC

Married: Margaret Develetian Keshishian


  • John Keshishian, MD

  • James Mark Keshishian A.S.A.

  • The Honorable Harold Mark Keshishian


The Hadjin Years

  • Hadjin Protestant school circa 1903

  • Mark Keshishian and siblings

  • Mark Keshishian in Pictures From 12 to 80

  • Zaven’s Story by Zaven Kish

  • Attended Central Turkey College, Aintab, Turkey

    • Central Turkey College, Aintab, Ottoman Empire (Later Gazi Aintab, Republic of Turkey) The school was established in 1876 by American Missionaries and was overwhelmingly Armenian.

  • Trip to the US 1912 - 1913 Managed to save 400 dollars for school on this trip in just 1 year.

    • Delivery boy Wallach Brothers Store on 125th Street in New York City

    • Russell's Lunch Room and Bakery delivery boy

    • Dupont Pompton Lakes, New Jersey Cap powder worker in an Ammunition plant.

  • Graduated Bardizag High School June 1913

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