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The Girl's Orphanage at Hadjin

The Girl's Orphanage at Hadjin

In 1909 there was a massacre 30,000 Armenians at Adana which resulted in a great many orphans. Here we see the girls orphanage that was established at Hadjin. The staff is in the fifth row most of whom are wearing white. Included are Mennonite Brethren Missionaries Sister Rose Lambert, Sister Fredericka Tonk, and Sister Ida Tschumi. There are two men, the one to the right is Avedis Keshishian. Avedis Keshishian is the namesake of Harold Keshishian.

The orphanage was established with a grant of 200 gold pounds from the Ottoman Government. This prompted an inspection by Jemal Pasha (Official Ottoman Inspection Party 1909). At the time of this picture there were 164 girls in the care of the orphanage.

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